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BioResources Pty Ltd

beneficial insects for horticultural crops

Our Products

BioResources focuses on producing a reliable supply of high quality beneficial insects
for the biological control of key pests in
field, tree and greenhouse crops

Our Solutions

MacTrix Wasps

Targeting: Nutborer

Macadamia nuts, Lychees, Longans

Anastatus Wasps

Targeting: Fruit Spotting Bugs, Banana Spotting Bugs, Spined Citrus Bug

Macadamia nut, Avocado, Custard Apple, Mango, Lychee, Longan, Passionfruit, Pawpaw & Mango

Adult Green Lacewings

Targeting: Small insects, Mites, aphids, Scale, Moth eggs and larvae, Lace bug, Feltid coccid

Orchards… eg. Macadamia nuts, Protected crops..