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Making Anastatus releases

We aim to send out the Anastatus cards every 2 or 3 weeks during periods of bug activity. The cards will be sent through the post to either the grower or consultant.

Its important that the package does not get left in a hot letter box or car.

We are in early days regarding the handling of the wasps and cards and suggest at this stage that:

Upon receipt of the package, open up the plastic bag the cards are in and puff some fresh air into the bag then seal it up again. It may be a few days before the wasps start emerging so best to wait until they do before placing in the field.

This will minimise predation of the eggs by birds or ants etc.

Keep the bag in a warm place but out of direct sun until you notice a dozen or so wasps in the bag. Then its time to place the cards.

The sheets are broken up into groups of 2 or 3 strips.

Staple the strips to a leaf in areas where you suspect bugs are breeding or in vegetation along the crop boundary and nearby - up to 100 meters if accessable.

We don't know how far the wasps will travel to find bug eggs. They are more active in warm weather and may travel further. We want them to move into the vegetation surrounding your crop and nearby. The wasps live for 3 to 8 weeks so are able to move around a lot in that time.

Some cards can be hung in plastics cups or food containers to give more rain protection.

If you don't anticipate spraying the crop for some time then some cards can be placed inside crop boundaries.

Wasp emergence rates

After the wasps have emerged from the eggs you will see an escape hole.

Emergence rates are likely to vary through the year from 40% up to 90%.

Once the wasps start coming out, it is usually around the 3rd or 4th day that most of the wasps emerge but may keep emerging in lower numbers for over a week.

What to expact after releasing of wasps

It may take some time - we dont know how long - for bug populations to be significantly effected by Anastatus activity. Bugs take about 6 weeks to develop from the egg stage to adult and then live for a further 6 weeks. We are aiming for incremental improvements which over time will result in significant reductions in migration of adult bugs into crop areas.

See Info for more including a list of common FSB plant hosts:

Anastatus Info in pdf

Price List

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The wasps are supplied as parasitised eggs glued to cardboard sheets which are broken into individual strips.

Cards can be staples to a leaf.

The release cards can also be hooked into a plastic cup for more weather protection.

Note escape holes in the eggs after Anastatus wasps have emerged.

In wet areas, two litre milk cartons are an ideal cover for the Anastatus release cards.