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Releasing Adult Green Lacewings

Make sure the closed containers are not exposed to high temperatures or direct sunlight. If conditions are bad - very wet, extreme heat - keep the containers in an esky with a few ice bricks until conditions improve.

Release the adults at several locations, a couple of rows in from the windward side of the crop. Upon release, the adults are likely to move downwind and are attracted to food sources like honey dew from insects, nectar and pollen. If there are eggs on the shredded paper these can be hung in trees.

Despatch method and rates

Lacewing adults are sold in packs of 200 (more than half females) and in a program of regular releases.

For example, every 3 weeks and up to the first spray at flowering or through flowering in organic orchards. Lacewing adults are reasonably cold tolerant and remain active in sunny winter days in most districts where macadamias are grown. Determining release rates is difficult at this stage but we suggest 100 adults per hectare per delivery.

Recommended Retail Price:

Packs of 200+ lacewing adults per delivery

$68 per pack for 2 to 3 packs per delivery.

$64 per pack from 4 to 7 packs per delivery.

$60 per pack for 8 or more packs per delivery.
Plus Express postage and GST.

5% discount for 8 or more deliveries.

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We are now taking orders late February.
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