Direct seeding

This method has not been used widely in macadamias but has a lot of plusses. Its widely used in vineyards in Aus and in walnuts in the USA.

Direct drill seeders or pasture seeders may have discs or narrow tynes.

The discs disturb the soil the least.

Seeds are dropped in between two angled discs or in behind a tyne as it passed through the top 25-50 mm of soil.

Direct seeders may give better germination than broadcasting and are more accurate.

Direct seeders range in price from $8,000 to $50,000

See the short video of seeder in action.


Linkage Network Brand direct drill seeders are good for larger areas either into worked ground or low mown grass.

Angled discs enable the seed to be dropped in the slot in the ground opened up by the discs. The soil tends to spring back over the seed as the discs pass. There may be rolls at the rear to further pack soil in around the seed for better moisture retention.


Grooves left by seeder

10 days after planting

screenshot1175 screenshot1174

Inter-row management to aid beneficial arthropods and improve soil health

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