How soil is prepared before sowing will depend on many factors: what you are trying to do, slope, soil characteristics, moisture levels, compaction....

Soil Preparation options:

Working the soil pre planting may give better germination results but opens the risk of erosion if heavy rain falls before plants get established.

Rotary Hoes or Power harrows if you want to develop a fine tilthe.

Plough with narrow tynes can be used to scratch surface

Aerators do creat some disturbance and seed boxes can be fitted to the frame

Seed placement:

Hand operated spreaders are good for small areas

Machine spreaders can be very accurate

Direct drills do not need the soil to be disturbed but a close mow or flail mow before sowing is desirable. Some moisture in soil helps discs penetrate the surface.

Harrows and rolling


Linkage rotary hoes or power harrows can work up ground to fine tilthe very quickly

Linkage direct drill seeders or pasture seeders are good for larger areas either into worked ground or low mown grass.

See the short video of seeder in action.


Inter-row management to aid beneficial arthropods and improve soil health

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