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Inter-row management in macadamias:

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Summary of Final Report PDF : Summay 16008 Final Report

Link to Full Report in PDF hosted by Hort Innovation: Click HERE to open in new tab

Macadamia Bulletin Aug 2020 Article Mac Bulletin Article

Inter Row Project Literature Review (2017) in PDF: Literature review 2017

One page "Mohawk" inter row case study Case study "Mohawk" inter-row

One page Cover Crop Case study Case study Cover Crop inter-row

Inter row management Options Table Inter-row options table

Report for Mac Crop Protection guide Entry Plant protection Guide

Report "Picadilly Park" planted insectaries Bangalow NSW Report Planted Insectaries

Report B&W Farm, Dalwood NSW B&W Inter-row management

Report Baldwin/Rankin Farm, Nambucca Baldwin Inter-row management

Planted insectaries in macs, Lindendale NSW Planted insectaries Lindendale

Cover crops, direct seeding, crimper roller, Rex Harris Twitter page You dont need to have Twitter account to view.
Rex is in a programme of row removal and has been planting cover crops in the removed rows to improve the soil and provide resources for natural enemies of pests and pollinators. Lots of great posts :-)

Current Work by BioResources

Short video: Plant and Arthropod Diversity inter-row in macadamias - Play Now

15 minute video : Can we use cover crops in macadamias? Play Now

LandCare Projects we have just commenced

Links and Publications
on increasing diversity in and around crops to improve pest control and pollination


Vineyard Diversity and Establishing Insectaries (AUS) - 9.4 MB PDF - much info also relevant to other crops

Orchard habitat management (Vic) includes an excellent summary of the theory behind increasing diversity

Pest Suppressive Landscapes (AUS) Investigates pest suppressive benefits of remnant vegetation in grain cropping areas

DPI NSW Data sheet (AUS)-good general info on groundcovers for macs - but no emphasis on encouraging beneficials

Video on Diversity principles used in growing "Eco Bananas" Innisfail NQld

Suppliers of Good Bug Seed Mix (AUST)

Regenerative Agriculture course Southern Cross Uni, On Line course. AG Notes List:

Pasture Mixes NSW DPI:



Most local produce suppliers will stock some seed or can source for you.

Williams Seeds, Murwillumbah


Pasture Genetics



Cover Cropping for Pollinators (USA)

Supplemental Flowering Plant Strips

Short video on planting seed (USA)

Good web site for cover crops seeds USA

Cover crops list (USA)

Ways to Improve Native Pollinators (USA)
Hayden,J.2014. InvestigatingWaystoImproveNativePollinatorFloralResources by Comparing Multipurpose Cover Crops of Phacelia, Buckwheat, and a Commercial Bee Forage Mix. Project funded by USDA-SARE. To access, visit and search by project number FNE13-781.

Native Plant Conservation Strips (USA)
Blaauw, B., and R. Isaacs. 2011.
Native Plant Conservation Strips for Sustainable Pollination and Pest Control in Fruit Crops. Project funded by USDA-SARE.
To access, visit and search by project number LNC08-297.

Supplemental Flowering Plant Strips (USA)
Walton, N. 2009.
Evaluation of Supplemental Flowering Plant Strips for Sustainable Enhancement of Beneficial Insects. Project funded by USDA-SARE. To access, visit and search by project number GNC07-086

Better Pollination of watermelons (USA)


Inter-row management to aid beneficial arthropods and improve soil health

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