Plants to sow

Seeds for the inter row can be selected and sown with a variety of aims in mind:

  • To encourage beneficial insects and pollinators
  • To increase organic matter
  • To add nitrogen
  • To improve water holding capacity
  • To break up compaction

Some plants are good for beneficials because they host "pests" like aphids which provide food for lacewings, ladybirds and hover flies.

Below is a draft list of plants and some of their useful traits.
We plan on making this list more detailed in the near future.


Inter-row management to aid beneficial arthropods and improve soil health


Great example of flowers in the inter row from Ross Arnett's (Pic by Ross)


Brassicas are attractive to aphids which bring in a lot of predators like ladybirds

Buckwheat flowers within 6 weeks of planting which helps bring in small flies, parasitoids and bees.


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