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MacTrix or Trichogrammatoidea cryptophlebiae are tiny wasps that parasitise the eggs of Macadamia Nutborer moths - Cryptophlebia ombrodelta.

Trichogramma wasps are less than 0.5 mm that lay their eggs into moth eggs. The wasp larva develops into a fully formed wasp inside the moth egg in the process killing the developing caterpillar, so that wasps come out of the moth egg instead of a caterpillar!!

MacTrix has been available for mass release since the 2004-5 season. The area of macadamia nuts treated has increased rapidly so that curently approximately 3000 hectares are treated and many more are benefiting. More.

MacTrix is now a "mainstream" method of controlling macadamia nutborer. Its is a suitable control method for both small and large properties. More info.

MacTrix are ordered in advance and in programs and delivered by Express Post. The release method is via cards that are stapled onto leaves.

Mactrix are very effective, are easy to apply and have lots of benefits. See the consultant and grower testimonials.

This web site also includes an introduction to IPM as well as some information on other natural enemies often active in crops.

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