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About BioResources and Our Team

BioResources was founded in 1996 by Richard Llewellyn. Since that time BioResources has established itself as an innovative and reliable suppliers of insect egg parasitoids, notably MacTrix for macadamia nutborer and Anastatus for spotting bugs.

In December 2021, BioResources established a partnership with long time insect rearing associates in Biological Services based in South Australia and Western Australia.

This partnership will connect BioResources to a truly global network, with Biological Services being part of the Biobest group, which has subsidiaries in more than 20 countries.

The deal secures the long term production of BioResources beneficial insects. This is good news for our clients, staff and the industries we service.

BioResources mainly produce Trichogrammatoidea cryptophlebiae (MacTrix) for biological control of Macadamia nutborer and Anastatus sp. for control of Fruit Spotting & Banana Spotting bugs in tropical fruit crops.

Biological Services have a key focus on intensive horticultural crops such as berries, tomatoes, cucumber, capsicum and ornamentals under cover and field crops including melons, brassicas, corn and cotton. Tree crops also serviced are citrus, stone fruit, almonds, walnuts and grapevines.

We are really pleased to be working with Biological Services and are anticipating an increase to our service and delivery due to a larger combined network of knowledge, experience and field staff resources that consult to growers in every state.

Richard will continue to work with our clients and consultants and will train Biological Services field staff in the key aspects of our IPM programs in Macadamias and tropical fruit crops.

As more pressure is placed towards sustainable production we know that the use of beneficials is going to be a significant part of pest control programs into the future.

The research and educational arm of BioResources has moved its work in a new separate entity, BioResEd Pty Ltd.

Richard Llewellyn


Richard started BioResources back in the mid 90's. Before that he worked at BioProtection and helped develop the commercial use of Persimilis, Aphidius colemani, Trichogramma pretiosum, T. carverae and Orgilus lepidis. More recently he developed rearing systems and IPM programs for "MacTrix", Anastatus and green lacewings.

Jake Byrne

Grower support and monitoring, Nthn Rivers NSW & SE Qld

Jake cut his teeth in the production nursery industry focussing on ornamental crops in NSW. He also worked in the garden television and radio industry, helping with advice to the general public. Jake first started with Biological Services in 2013, working with greenhouse crops on the Adelaide Plains. Since moving back to New South Wales he now covers NSW, QLD and TAS. He mainly works with berries, cannabis, brassicas, tomatoes & cucumber crops and is fast learning about macadamias and avocados.

Adam Billsborough

Grower support and monitoring SE Qld

Adam studied Entomology at University before joining the Integrated Pest Management Consultant team at Biological Services in Spring 2020. Adam works throughout Queensland, NSW, and Tasmania on a range of crops, including Strawberries, Rubus, Brassicas, Walnuts, Cannabis, various Greenhouse crops and Nurseries. He collaborates closely with growers to develop tailor made IPM Strategies, as well as recommendations based on the growers needs. And like Jake is learning fast about the crops grown by BioResources clients.