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On Farm Consultation

Our consultation service is focussed on making farms more resistant to pest incursions. We can provide advice and direction on all aspects of orchard management to help you understand your farm ecosystem, and to increase its function in terms of conservation pest management.

  • You may be looking to develop on-farm cover crops to promote beneficial insects, improve soil health and crop productivity.
  • You may be setting up a new farm and would like some help with aspects of the design so as to maximise the benefits of non-crop vegetation for pollination services, pest suppression and soil ┬áhealth/stability.
  • You may want us to conduct surveys of the arthropod composition and functionality within and surrounding your farm, or in vegetation adjacent to your farm.
  • You may be wanting to assess the functionality of existing non-crop vegetation on your farm in terms of the benefits it provides for the crop.

We are entomologists, horticultural ecologists and project managers who understand the importance that cultural practices play in Integrated Pest Management. Whether your crop is young or old, or not in the ground yet, we will assess your situation and provide advice and/or services to help.